Isler of Klamath Falls Client Portal uses ShareFile as a quick, efficient, and secure means of transferring sensitive file information to and from our clients.

Just click on the Isler ShareFile Link below to access the login page. You will be able to upload any files or documents

Please contact your Isler professional if you need any help.

Isler ShareFile Link



We also use AutoKept - this is an app you can download, that transmits your purchases/expenses/mileage to us- you simply take a picture of the receipt and speak about the transaction as if you were talking to your accountant. 

  • Just click a picture of the receipt or credit card slip – then talk to your phone about the transaction. You’ll get rid of all those little pieces of paper, and bookkeeping problems, in under 10 seconds

  • No more lost documents - Your photo and voice is all the proof you need. You’ll never stay up all night looking for paper again. You can even use it for important mail.

  • Never lose a tax deduction again - The average person loses several thousand dollars a year in tax deductions due to poor record-keeping. You’ll never miss another opportunity to reduce your taxes.